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Hani Ghalayini

Posted on : 04/03/2024


First of all, thanks to everyone who read our first post, and we hope you tune in each week for our weekly brain dump. Now let’s talk SHOPLINE. Who are they? Well, they’re one of Asia’s biggest eCommerce platform providers. The focus of SHOPLINE is to provide a platform that brings as many core eCommerce store features to the table, natively.
SHOPLINE’s makes traditional third party apps a native feature on their platform, for example, translating your website on BigCommerce would normally require WegLot, which is pretty expensive, on SHOPLINE? It’s a built in feature, but, if you wanted to use WegLot, you still could.

Let’s get into the specifics – we’ll start with one of the main talking points for merchants.

SHOPLINE features that set it apart from the rest

1. Payments

Subscriptions, Payment links, Pre-order functionality, BNPL, ApplePay, GooglePay, the list goes on. All of this is in built in the SHOPLINE platform, completely eliminating the need for you to connect with various third party providers to get most of this going, or even relying on your payments provider to activate most of these features and then your tech team fiddling with the settings to get things right. It’s a simpler solution than what is currently out there.

Local currency options seems to be an issue for some platforms, but not SHOPLINE. You can activate local currency options directly from your payments hub and select which currency option suits the country you’re trying to break into (or if you’re already there!) Another win for SHOPLINE.
2. Promotions

The flexibility of their promotions is what we would deem gamechanging. Certain platforms are very restricted in their approach to promotions, again, requiring third party apps to elevate the experience, SHOPLINE comes ready to go with various promotion styles, discounts, combinations and more, allowing you to really boost your sales without the need for a third party app. As we said above, gamechanging.
3. Geolocation

In previous projects, we’ve had to use GeoTargetly to allow our platform to direct customers to the right storefront, and thus displaying the right information for that user, urgh, laborious. SHOPLINE has that feature in built and connected to their translation software, making your customer experience relevant to them from the minute they land on your store.
4. Support and Product Roadmap

Need 24/7 support from a techy? need a feature? Get some quick help from their support team to resolve any issues you have, but also if you need a new feature, you can get it added to their roadmap and released in very impressive time, SHOPLINE are making a massive effort to boast about how quick they are to help and to elevate. At the start, you’ll receive multiple dedicated training sessions from their account-specific team, with on demand assistance if you're struggling with a certain setting or feature.
5. Social Media selling

Another big big win for SHOPLINE, another cost saving, one less third party integration, connect your store to your social media and let the ease of set up really impress you. They are the leader in this sphere right now, in terms of how quick, effective, connected and analytical their social media store set up is. Again, on other platforms, you need to integrate a third party to this, and pay for that service, but with SHOPLINE, it’s BUILT IN!
Final thoughts from Superior

After partnering up with SHOPLINE, it’s clear to us how friendly this platform is going to be for merchants and developers to set up and maintain. We’re one of the first partners of SHOPLINE, so it’s key for us to bring our tech brain to the party and showcase how powerful this platform can truly be. SHOPLINE has a massive presence in Asia, it’s now time to get Europe and the Middle East on board, and Superior is here for the journey.

We're ready for the exciting future of SHOPLINE, if you want to find out more about how SHOPLINE can service your business, get in touch with us so we can introduce you to some truly amazing people.

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