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Prior to working at Superior - our team helped Bandai Namco Europe replatform to a powerful Bigcommerce system to service the high demands of the gaming industry.

Key Features

Intricate elements of the Bneu ecosystem

Pre-order workflow

BNEU distributes some of the hottest games around. Elden ring, Tekken and Little Nightmares are some of their best sellers, often having up to 30,000 pre orders per game release.

Loyalty Points

Connecting to the BNEU API and creating a money-to-points system that works across all currencies.

Product Catelogue

An excel sheet for managing product information, split across 18 levels of detail needed importing into the BigCommerce product management system. Intricate.


The approach

Strategic breakdown of functionality

A series of workshops were organised and split into different functions of the website, ensuring we had the correct people on each call was imperative to the success of this project.

Breaking down each requirement means there was clarity and process governing the approach, from process-mapping the pre-order flow, to custom developing the in stock / returns / back in stock functionality that becomes a hassle when 'hold' stock comes into play.

The Bandai Namco digital ecosystem is vast in its function, requiring different third party functionalities to play their role impeccably well to ensure a smooth round-trip of API calls passing data through the middleware.
Combining BNEU's exclusive merchandise alongside their high performing video game titles proved tough, with product variations and combinations requiring the tidy attention to detail that only a skilled team of developers can achieve.

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