The Wine Flyer New Venture


Prior to working at Superior - our team helped British Airways bring a new venture live, The Wine Flyer. Creating a swanky platform to bring subscription and Avios points redemption into the wine industry with a BigCommerce Implementation

Key Features

approaching a new venture backed by british airways

Avios Loyalty Points

Avios points are the most recognisable points redemption and awarding system around. An initiative by British Airways, the points system was connected to their BigCommerce platform to give users a way to enjoy the wine they love, at a discount.

3PL Connection

Connecting to their 3PL through the BC native connector meant allowed us to connect the warehouse to the stock system seamlessly. Returns, refunds and exchanges were simplified, allowing a smooth customer experience mixed with an efficient back end process.


Providing a beautiful design to cement the brand position, using data from other wine distributors allowed us to smoothen the process and gently nudge users into subscription based purchases.

The Wine Flyer - New Venture - BigCommerce Partner Design


The approach

Approaching a New Venture

Understanding the aims and objectives of the business was key to developing the digital ecosystem and connecting the beautiful front end to the robust and functional back end.
Using data from the current online wine industry allowed the team to put together a customer journey that directs users where we wanted them to go.

Now the hard part - connecting the middleware to the internal Avios points awarding system. Working very closely with the internal IT team, we integrated the points system to the cash price, putting together an intricate cost/points system that allowed users to earn and burn points against the value of their purchases and subscriptions.

A solid wholistic workflow from start to finish, with the natural few hiccups along the way, as with any project where you're connecting systems together. A solid project that our team can boast about. Key to remember though - this was done at a previous agency, so Superior is not taking the plaudits, but our team is.

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