Global Design System


Prior to working at Superior - our creative director helped Clarks create a global design system for their new global digital presence. A set of components fit for any purpose imaginable.

Key Features

elements of the Clarks design system

Component based

In their previous lives, our team built worked with Clarks to service the needs of their global digital presence. By building an in depth suite of components, each region had what they needed to push Clarks into a new era of Digital.


As each region has it's own standards, we partnered with Zoonou to ensure UK level AA & US ADA standards for accessibility were upheld without fault.

Data driven

Data analysis of current customer journeys meant the team had to put more emphasis on the stylish element of the shoes, as opposed Clarks' already cemented position in the market as the most comfortable shoes around.


The approach

Strategic breakdown of UX & UI

A series of workshops were organised and split into different departmental functions, ensuring we had the relevant persons on each call was vital in achieving all of the different goals of the individual cross-functional departments.

By collating the differing requirements, the team were able to define, create and logicise each component to ensure each department was able to take advantage of the component based design system.

On top of differing department requirements, region-specific requirements were also considered when developing the user journeys and personas, combining data research and customer behaviours, heuristic analysis and reporting to create a smoother global customer experience.

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